Social Medicine


The LAU Health Foundation also supports LAU’s Social Medicine initiative. Social Medicine crosses all of the University’s health-related programs and places students, under faculty supervision, in community health service settings on a regular basis.

One of the most successful projects is the LAU-staffed health clinic in the Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp.  Here, medical, nursing and pharmacy students treat patients free of charge in a challenging setting characterized by abject environmental and living conditions, poor nutrition, plus limited electricity, water and sanitation.  Students majoring in nutrition and social work also meet with patients to discuss how improved diets and better life-style decisions can improve their quality of life.

In many cases, the clinic is the only source of medical treatment for camp residents.  Most medical equipment and medications are provided to the clinic through donor support.  Gifts of any size can make a difference in the work of the clinic and in the lives of its patients, but gifts of $2,500 or more are particularly important.