School of Pharmacy

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LAU’s School of Pharmacy remains the only pharmacy school outside the United States to hold full membership in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.  As a result, our graduates are highly prized by corporations and hospitals, and our PharmD (doctor of pharmacy) graduates are especially sought after.

The key to our successful program is our dedicated and talented faculty members who deliver a progressive curriculum in pharmaceutical and clinical sciences to a diverse student body.

Among the opportunities for donors to the School of Pharmacy are the following:

1) Scholarships:  Nearly half of our pharmacy students depend on financial assistance in order to pursue their studies.  Gifts of scholarship funds in any amount are welcomed.  Endowed scholarship gifts beginning at $25,000 are especially important.

2) Bioequivalence Center:  Lebanon is in need of a Bioequivalence Center that would provide the country with reliable pharmaceutical testing and production oversight.  LAU’s premier pharmacy program is a natural location for such a center.  A $3 million endowment will name the Center, and gifts in smaller amounts will be vital to equipping and operating the facility.

3)  Research:  A truly great pharmacy program combines teaching, patient care, and research.  The School of Pharmacy needs support to strengthen its research component.  With faculty experts in genetics, biostatistics, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, we already have the expertise to conduct important research.  All that is lacking is funding, and gifts of $25,000 or more will make a critical difference.