A Second Chance

Naya Ali El Jawhari was born in Hermel, Lebanon, a town in the far North East corner of the country, near the border with Syria, and these days, the target of airstrikes and bombings. When Naya was born, doctors told her parents she had Patent ductus arteriosus, a congenital heart defect in which a fetal blood vessel fails to close after birth…

Leading medical equipment distributor supports LAU’s continuing medical education program

Explaining the importance of continuing education, dean of LAU’s Nursing school, Nancy Hoffart said, “All health professionals must engage in lifelong learning to keep up-to-date with the advances in healthcare knowledge and its application to patient care. So Intermedic’s gift will positively impact practicing medical doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, and dieticians, among others.”

“You don’t work for just anyone, you work for humanity”

“Love for humanity is the most important lesson I have learned from being nurse,” said Elie Aaraj, guest speaker at the ceremony and one of the greatest leaders of change in Lebanon’s health sector. As the founding president of the Order of Nurses, Aaraj invited the students to become active members of this community, admitting that they were in for a difficult ride. Still, “when you walk against the storm, the first tool is to be united,” he said.

Toward an Increasingly Patient-Centered Approach

Through a combination of didactic lectures, role-play exercises and case-based discussions, LAU students of nursing, pharmacy, medicine, nutrition and social work converge five times over the course of their enrollment for a half-day event called a “Step,” a workshop-like training during which they acquire specific communication skills relevant to patient safety.

The School of Nursing Honors Its First SON Graduates in Recognition Ceremony

The Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing held a recognition ceremony honoring the achievements of its first graduating class on July 2. The intimate and emotionally charged affair brought together friends and family members who looked on with pride as nine graduating students proudly celebrated their rite of passage into the nursing profession.

Jacques Saadé Offers Invaluable Support to LAU

The Lebanese American University Medical Center–Rizk Hospital (LAUMC–RH) has gained the support of shipping magnate Jacques Saadé, who recently generously donated $500,000 toward the restoration of the hospital’s blood bank lobby, which now bears the donor’s name.

“This is the beginning of a long journey with LAU,” said Saadé during the recognition ceremony.

Board Members and Staff

Monir Barakat, Chairman, Vice Chairman and President  – Wafra Capital Partners

Taline Avakian, Member, Board of Trustees at Lebanese American University

Eva Farha

Camille Farhat, President & CEO – RTI Surgical

Monzer Hourani, Founder, and Chairman of Medistar Corporation

Joseph G. Jabbra, Ph.D., President at Lebanese American University

Georges Markarian, MD, Chairman of the Neurosciences Institute Akron General Medical Center

Manal Saab, ‎CEO, Sorensen Gross Construction Services

Simon Samaha, MD,  President, and CEO Summit Medical Group.

Hanna Shammas, MD

Philip Stolzfus, Owner, Thayer Brook Partners

Souhail Toubia, MD, CEO at Variaxis and TMX Engineering & Manufacturing

Charles Abou Rjeily, AVP University Comptroller, Lebanese American University